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emBaRaSsiNg ComMEnTs
customer ratings verified by ePublicEye

"I would just like to say congratulations, the service was an extremely pleasurable one. The packages received were inexpensive but yet of extreme quality. The service was speedy, I received my package within five days of ordering even though it was an international delivery. I would just like to say thank you for the excellent service provided and I will definitely be using your service again in the future."
John Hughes - USA

Not only am I satisfied...I am Thrilled!. Thank you for the great service and quality products. I will surely do business with VCD Gallery again, at every opportunity.
Tim Tuvell - USA

"Received VCD products today...they seem of high quality and I am more than satisfied with them.  Thank you.  For your information I have found at least 12 VCD stores on the net (that I would be comfortable trading with). I have purchased from 3 (including VCD Gallery), and the quality of your product is far superior.  Hope your business prospers"
Jim Kambouris -  Australia

vcdsExcellent! I received my VCDs today.. And I am going to recommend you to everyone I know because anyone who cares about their customers as vcdgallery deserves it! It got here in PERFECT condition. And thanks for the great free vcd.
Nick -  USA

I was surprised to see my package come in today as I was only expecting it to be delivered some time next month but don't worry, I won't file a complaint!  Seriously though thanks for this very quick delivery, one of the best
services, if not the best I've seen so far.

Deo C - Latvia

"My order arrived today in record time.  Thanks for making my first VCD purchase a smooth and simple one."
Sean P - USA

"Wanted to let you know that the items I ordered have come in. Thanks a lot for the movies.  They run great"
Sam S. - USA

I have just recently found your site and I can honestly say that your site is by far the best I've seen. I haven't bought any VCDs off the net yet but when I do they will be from your site.
Yosef Selim. - NZ

buy vcds"I have dealt with many online vendors and none of them compares to VCD Gallery.  I really appreciate the hard work ....especially for accommodating my needs.  By the way, thank you so much for the discounts you gave me.  
Beverly - USA

"Thanks I received all VCDs, great.  If you have time, you can visit my homepage, because there is a link to your site.  Maybe it helps to sell more CDs to Germany"
Matthias - Germany

I received my order and I am VERY Pleased.  You were not only fast but delivered a great quality product!!
Pete G - USA

"You are the most friendly store I know. You can print this if you want to - YOU ARE GREAT!!!! The best service available on the Internet. I know what I am talking about, because I am ordering for more than US$ 4,000 every month through the WWW."
Dirk - Germany

vcds for sale "I am more than happy with the quality of the movies and prompt and accurate delivery time that was stated when ordering."
Darryn -  N.Zealand.

"I am going to give your homepage to some of my shipmates, so they can order some DVD and VCD movies too.  The VCD movies were very popular among the crew."
Steven -  aboard the USS Constellation, somewhere in the Pacific.

"I was very pleased with quality of the VCDs I received.  Some VCDs I ordered via ...(name of videocds store deliberately withheld)... were quite simply disgraceful."
Nicholas - The Netherlands

"VCD Gallery is quickly becoming my preferred source for VCD's on the net. The reason why is because you have consistently worked very fast to accommodate my special requests and address my concerns AND give me the absolute best prices you could every time. I appreciate that.  I am a very loyal customer and price doesn't always play a role in who I order from, believe it or not I patronize the businesses who treat me well - You guys have definitely treated me well and you can be assured that I will be a regular customer... and look forward to shopping with VCD Gallery even more.  I hope that we can do lots of business together in the near future.  Thanks for everything."
Peter Wray -  Canada

vcds shop "I received my parcel last week...The VCD images are very good...I play VCD on the PC-DVD Encore 6X. Very great picture and sound"  
Thierry - Mauritius

"Thank you for the special attention at my requests" :)

Joanne -  The Netherlands

"Glad to know that we are the first two Mauritians to purchase from your site...very glad to know that you have managed to make the changes as requested without any extra charges.  Many thanks. "   
Corrine - Mauritius

"Thank you for your gift that was really nice of you...You have the best selection of original vcds"
Anders -  Switzerland

I received my shipment from you today, Wed.  I believe you shipped on Monday so that was a very nice and fast turn around.  As for the VCDs I am thoroughly pleased with both the quality of the packaging and the quality of the movies.  The video is better than VHS quality and the sound is terrific.  This is defiantely a great
addition to my collection. I look forward to purchasing other movies that are not yet available or will never be available on DVD on your VCDs.

Jason G

You guys are good.  I thought VCDs were a poor man's DVD and was cautious.  But I put away my doubts and ordered the Star Wars Trilogy from you... Talk about being fast, did my visa payment even have a chance to go through the bank before I received the goods? Phew, faster than I could ever expect to believe. The films themselves are brilliant... Poor man's DVD what was I thinking? Sound and picture near perfect, I'm 100% satisfied and converted. Well, I won't cause you any more embarrassing mutterings of my ignorance or how great your service is. All the best and hope to shop with you guys in the future.
Neil SL (UK)

"I recently came across your website and was very impressed."
Terry -  UK

"I often take a look at your web-site for my favorite movies"
Nuttaphon -  UK

These are all real people, real customers.  They tried us and saw the difference.  Quite a number of our customers have purchased from other sites but the quality is just not the same.  Or so they tell us.  Many of the above messages actually mention the names of specific online stores that have either treated them badly or shortchanged them or simply gave poor quality VCDs.  We have deliberately left out the names of these sites.   We do not want to be accused of slander by our competitors and we have no time for civil action.  We want to stick to what we do best and that is to provide excellent customer satisfaction always.   Of course, we do receive criticisms & complaints from our customers.  (Well, we're no angels either).  We take all complaints seriously to quickly rectify any shortcomings and further improve our services to you.  

Our sincere thanks to ALL who have written to us. 

Every customer is important to us and your satisfaction is our goal.  We aim to provide first class quality vcd movie entertainment in the comforts of your home with our Video CDs. 

And keep those e-mails coming!


   vcds shopping
We have one of the fastest email  responses in the VCD movie industry.  Go ahead and try us.  Send us an email to start your timer!

"Thanks for your fast reply."  Daniel  - Sweden

"I would like to thank you for responding to my e-mail so promptly."  James  -UK

"Many thanks for your prompt  reply."  Paul M. - S. Africa

"Thanks for the fast response" Peter -  Canada

"Thanks for getting back to me so quickly."  Evan. - USA

"Thank you.. for responding so quickly.  Your boast of 'one of the fastest e-mail response time' is no exaggeration"  Nicholas. - Netherlands

"Thanks for the quick response."  Lynda. - UK

"Wow! You're do reply quickly!! Thank you! I really appreciate it!"  Beverly. - USA

"That was the fastest response time I have ever witnessed!"  
Adil - UK

"Thanks for prompt reply"  
Allan. - Aus

"Thank you for your prompt reply.  I know multi-national companies who would have replied so quickly"  
Terry - UK

"Thanks for your quick answer.  I will check your film list and submit an order."  
Robert - UK

"I appreciate the quick response to my e-mail"  
John - UK

"Thanks for the quick reply"  
Niro - Aus.


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